Credits are given where credits are due:

First of all, i want to thank SubSpace.WarZone for hosting this site in its infancy! And thanx to for hosting SubSpace.WarZone :) Special thanx to Mixman for excellent support and for endless interesting discussions ;)

And what would SOS be without YOU, the visitor to this treasury?! Thank you for coming ;)

Most of the original samples in the Star Trek section are from Rob Chen's HoloDeck 3. The insults appear courtesy of YoSam. His Insulting Wavs site holds hundreds of them.

It was satsujinsha that sent me a Dr Who sound and the link to the Doctor Who Wav Archive. Thanx! I really laughed out loud at Famous Anus' fart waves! Thanx to him for that, ahem, interesting contribution. My friend and (theoretical) blood enemy Feyd-Rautha sent me so many Monty Python waves that my email account got overloaded :) Leperman contributed 2 excellent(!) audio messages to the insults section. Honorary Tomania member Qurabane is credited with four (nicely distorted :) sounds in the misc section. In__ferno's great "excuse me..." can be found in the insults section. Credit goes to Adapter for the "pathetic loser" even though i used my version ;) Robin |>_ suggests you pray before you download 2 sounds of his (1 more to come). Sam Fugate thinks he's invincible, but no... i am!

Mixman did a fine job on the first SOS logos. Carl created the great Lemonheads font that i used for the new graphix. Finally, Ult2, Prof.Frink, Errick and lwrhodes pointed out some mistakes and/or made some cunning suggestions. Thanx to all of ya!

Your name could also appear here! Just email me some cool waves.
The whole SubSpace community will be thankful for your contribution... well, me at least :)

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