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How to receive audio messages:
Yes! You have to tell Subspace that you want to receive audio messages. Otherwise it will say "Player is not receiving audio messages." whenever someone tries to send you a sound. And you don't want that, do you?!
So, start SubSpace. Click on the "Options" button or on the "View" menu and select "Options...".
Activate the "Wave Messages" switch in the "Miscellaneous" section.
Don't forget to hit "Ok", et voilà!

How to send audio messages:
You can choose 2 waves that you can send to another player (only 1 wave and 1 player at a time) during the game.
So first you'll have to select the waves you want to send. To do this, start SubSpace, click on the "View" menu and select "Message Hot Keys...". You'll see an "Audio messages" section on the lower right. Click on one of the "Import" buttons. A "Notice" will pop up but don't worry: All the sounds you can download on this site are ready to rock :) Hit "Ok". Select a wave file in the next dialog and hit the "Open" button. The audio message should now be stored. Verify this by clicking on the "Play" button. Repeat the same procedure with the second "Import" button to store the second sound. And don't forget to hit "Ok" :)
Now connect to the internet and play the game. To send an audio message you must select a player from the player list by hitting PgUp or PgDn. If the player list in the upper left corner doesn't show, hit F2. Finally, hitting Shift+F11 or Shift+F12 will send your sound to the ticked player! IF he has activated his audio messages. Unfortunately, audio messages are disabled in turf and warzones :( <sigh>

How to download the audio messages:
Click on a link to hear the wave. The sound will then be downloaded and played.
However, that is not the best method to download files: In Navigator you would have to right click on the sound window and select "save as" and enter a file name, as it would otherwise be saved as "untitled.wav". Stupid. In Internet Explorer you would have to look for the file in the cache folder. Even more stupid.
So here's how to do it: Right-click on a link and select "Save Link as...". You will then be presented a dialog window where you can choose the folder where the file will be saved. The best idea is to download the sounds directly into your SubSpace folder.
Please note that the sound will only be saved, not played! Doubleclick on it to hear it after it has been downloaded.
Download times over a standard modem range from 10 seconds to 5 minutes. Average time is half a minute per wave ...if you don't download too many files at a time :)

How to handle zip files:
Zip files are compressed files that contain several other files. That means that zip files take up far less space than the original files (sometimes less than half of the uncompressed size), thus saving you precious download minutes.
In each section, you can download a zip file that contains all of the sound files of that section. Note that you can't immediately listen to the files and that you might not want all of them.
In order to use the waves, you have to decompress ("unzip") the zip file. To do this, you'll need an unzipper like PKUnzip (the original) or WinZip (very easy to use).
Once you have installed the unzipper you can doubleclick on the zip file and the unzipper will be launched. In WinZip, select the files you want to unzip and drag them to the SubSpace folder, et voilà!
For further information please consult your unzipper's documentation.

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