SOS - Sounds of SubSpace

Ever wondered where to get all these great audio messages for SubSpace?

Currently, 190 quality wave files (with filesizes < 32K) are waiting for you to download and use them! What can i say but: enjoy!

All the waves are rated, ranging from (good) through (very good) to (very very good). In each section, the best sound has been awarded the superBxN :)

news as of 9/9 2001

SOS is up and running again, after 5 years of reclusion in the depths of my dusty harddisc... LOL, i said "soon" in my last post! :)

Subspace is now Continuum, and why shouldn't SOS continue? ;)

Greetings to all of you that come here looking for wave files from the likes of google and altavista... but i do hope that these audio messages will continue to be used in continuum / subspace !!!

old news        

"Have you activated your audio messages today?" :)
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updated 9/9/2001 by yours truly, Moneo