What a weird word, ain't it? But don't be afraid, all that it means is "various stuff" :)

misc.zip zip file 340 KB
This zip file contains all the wave files listed in this section. For info on zips please see the help.

aaaaah.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 32 KB
Trent Reznor, screaming, taken from a nine inch nails album. (and heavily revamped :)

boom_baby_boom.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 9 KB big thanx to Qurabane
"Boom, Baby, Boom!" Slightly distorted, but fine.

cant_kill_ppl.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 22 KB
"You just can't go around killing people!" uh? yeah? why?!

execution.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 30 KB
"Ah, man, this wasn't a fight, this was an execution!" Right, hehe, better be on that turret :)

god_is_crying.wav (8khz,8bit,mono) 27 KB
"God is crying. Probably because of something you did." What was it again: negging or vulching?

green.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 30 KB
"Can't make the scene if you don't have the green." See? Even the Mask knows that simple rule!

hasta_la_vista.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 24 KB big thanx to Robin |>_
"Hasta la vista, baby." Yes, and i'll be back.

heheheeee.wav (16khz,8bit,mono) 30 KB big thanx to Ghani
"Heheheeee hehehehe." Let Homer Simpson rejoice for you.

ping.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 27 KB
"And, err, get the machine that goes 'ping'." I betcha that machine will tell ya that you lag!

privilege.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 31 KB
"Gentlemen, it's been a privilege flying with you." This one is always appreciated a lot.

second_best.wav (6khz,8bit,mono) 31 KB
"You were good kid, real good, but as long as i'm around you'll only be second best, see?!" Hehehe, that sounds humble eh? ;)

see_u_in_hell.wav (8khz,8bit,mono) 29 KB big thanx to Qurabane
"Thank you for coming, i'll see you in hell. - gunshot" Hell... he sure means being a neg :)

subspaceparty.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 9 KB big thanx to Qurabane
"SubSpaceParty!" Slightly distorted again, but fine, again.

target_rich_environment.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 29 KB
"Well this is what i call a target-rich environment!" What Tom Cruise meant to say is not what you will use it for ;)

wanna_be_bad.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 20 KB big thanx to Qurabane
"Yeah baby, i wanna be bad!" Do you happen to have an "evil twin", flying around punishing a.n.t.s? This one is for him :)

wild.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 31 KB
"You're wild man, wild!" Yes, i sample Beastie Boys :)

woohoo.wav (22khz,8bit,mono) 13 KB
Homer Simpson's "woohoo!" is used in the flag zones when you capture a flag.
Use it when you extracted a flag out of someone's belly, or simply to confuse your opponents :)

Yes, this is a little farts section, hahaaaa! I couldn't believe it either when i first heard them :) Brought to you by Famous Anus, these fart cocktails will make you laugh out loud! The Famous One also provided the comments to these waves, and has promised to liberate 1 new fart per month. Thanx!

farts.zip zip file 280 KB
This zip file contains all the wave files listed in this section. For info on zips please see the help.

baby_fart.wav (8khz,8bit,mono) 29 KB
Shhhhhhhh... you'll wake the baby!

danube_fart.wav (6khz,8bit,mono) 32 KB
A lovely tranquil song... that is until Famous Anus got to it.

dictator_fart.wav (6khz,8bit,mono) 32 KB
The Great Dictator is a real gas at parties.

drumroll_fart.wav (6khz,8bit,mono) 32 KB
And the winner is...

ekg_fart.wav (6khz,8bit,mono) 32 KB
An apparent victim of "fartiac arrest".

fart_song.wav (6khz,8bit,mono) 32 KB
Similar to Danube, but far far stinkier.

homer_fart.wav (6khz,8bit,mono) 32 KB
Sounds like Homer Simpson had himself a little accident...

jap_fart.wav (6khz,8bit,mono) 32 KB
And you thought Godzilla was scary!

jaws_fart.wav (6khz,8bit,mono) 32 KB
Quick! Everybody out of the water!

r_n_b_fart.wav (6khz,8bit,mono) 31 KB
An outtake from the Rocky and Bullwinkle show that never made it to the TV screen.

squeal_fart.wav (6khz,8bit,mono) 30 KB
A little downhome cookin'... Cajun style.

thanku_fart.wav (6khz,8bit,mono) 32 KB
The performer bombs on stage... then bombs the audience.

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