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Big thanx go to satsujinsha for directing my attention to these marvelous samples. According to sats, Dr Who is a BBC television series about this Doctor that keeps saving the world. For more Dr Who samples (as if 26 were not enough!? :) check the Doctor Who Wav Archive.

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danger_unidentified_alien.wav (8khz,8bit,mono) 28 KB
"Danger, master! Danger! - What? - Unidentified alien!" Plenty of those unleashed in SubSpace, ain't there?

emergency.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 26 KB
"Emergency! Emergency!" Mines ahead! Energy low! Flags in danger! as a fellow would say, whatever :)

exterminate.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 30 KB
"Exterminate!" - Dalek firing. As the enemies of Dr Who, the Daleks seem to have only one goal... can you guess it?!

exterminate_we_could.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 31 KB
"We could exterminate you now!" Ah, this typical 60's flanger effect, raaah, lovely!

exterminated_you_will_be.wav (8khz,8bit,mono) 30 KB
"You will be exterminated!" - Dalek firing. These guys could rule SubSpace... who knows? maybe they're amongst us :)

folly_of_your_words.wav (8khz,8bit,mono) 28 KB
"I will teach you the folly of your words." So you bloody bigmouth think i don't stand a chance in a duel against you?!

hello_we_ready.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 13 KB
"Hello, we ready?" So are we gonna turret or just sit in the safe zone all day?

i_can_do_anything_i_like.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 12 KB
"I can do anything i like." Yeah, chaos rules! Everything's fair... well, almost.

i_cant_understand.wav (8khz,8bit,mono) 27 KB
"I cannot understand how i could have made such a fundamental mistake."

i_thought_u_were_on_my_side.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 19 KB
"I thought you were on my side." Watch the close bombing please! Use bullets on a close or approaching victim :)

i_told_u_so.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 28 KB
"I don't like to say i told you so, but i... i told you so."
Some people have to learn the hard way that i will immediately exterminate any a.n.t. (attacking neg terrier :)

i_will_destroy_u.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 23 KB
"I will destroy you!" As it seems, that's what the Daleks like to do, when they are not busy exterminating someone :)

im_not_like_u.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 25 KB
"I'm not human, i am not like you."
I don't remember if it's the Master (another of Dr Who's foes) saying this, or one of the +100'000 points players...

infantile_behaviour.wav (8khz,8bit,mono) 29 KB
"Your infantile behaviour is beyond a joke." Ok, it's a game, but some people are just too stupid ;)

insulting.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 17 KB
"I find that rather insulting." *The* reply to most of the audio messages on this site (and elsewhere).

let_me_in.wav (8khz,8bit,mono) 31 KB
"Let me in. We can sit down, we can have a cup of tea, we can talk about this reasonably."
I will annoy you with this audio message until you let me join your freq :)

silence.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 7 KB
"Silence!" Use this one, instead of deactivating your audio messages.

silly_laugh.wav (8khz,8bit,mono) 32 KB
"uahahahaha" A certain Sil has this groovy, silly laugh... uh!

stay_where_u_r.wav (8khz,8bit,mono) 27 KB
"Stay where you are! Do not move!" Hold still, i just wanna see you blow up ;)

stupid_thing_to_do.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 12 KB
"What a stupid thing to do!" Hey negs, please download this, so that i don't have to play it everytime one of you attacks me.

this_wont_hurt_much.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 28 KB
"This won't hurt... much!" Let me extract this green out of your belly, it's painless, trust me. (gnegnegne ;)

u_did_your_best.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 13 KB
"Well, you did your best." Nice try, please green up and have another one ;)

u_r_in_our_power.wav (8khz,8bit,mono) 31 KB
"Obey the Daleks! You are in our power!" Um, the witty comment to this one must have been exterminated.

u_r_insane.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 15 KB
"You're insane!" Fits me like a glove... what about you?

u_show_potential.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 15 KB
"You show potential." Use this one and the "well, you did your best" when teaching newbies.

u_will_pay.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 26 KB
"You'll pay for this! I'm gonna crush you!" A real nice sample, don't ya think? A superBxN, no doubt.

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