Looney Tunes
This is the "dont take SubSpace too seriously" section.
You'll find samples of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Marvin the Martian.

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despicable.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 23 KB
"You'rrre desspicable!", says Daffy Duck.

dying.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 29 KB
"Hooooo i'm dyin'", Bugs Bunny. This is one of my favourites! Use it to remind your opponent (and yourself :) that it's just a game. I admit it's not the most optimistic sample to carry around, but hey, it happens to the best of us, even to me ;)

fire_when_ready.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 27 KB
"You may fire when ready, grizzly", a funny way to start a duel.

haaaaea.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 31 KB
"Haaaaea", the name is the sound. A wildcard.

i_claim_this_planet.wav (6khz,8bit,mono) 32 KB
"I claim this planet in the name of Mars. Uh, isn't that lovely, hmm?"
Marvin the Martian, one of the funniest people i've never met :)

iaaaah.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 14 KB
"Iaaaah!" Bugs Bunny screaming in pain and anger. And that's exactly what i use it for, hehe.

mymymyine.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 30 KB
"Don't don't don't, go go go, my my mine!" Daffy Duck's way to tell your fellows to leave the 200 bounty guy to you.

never_had_so_much_fun.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 26 KB
"I never had so much fun in my life, ahaha!" Again, let Daffy Duck express your feelings.

next_contestant.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 17 KB
"Next contestant please." Too bad that there aren't any public audio messages, this one would come in handy.

not_nice.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 32 KB
"That wasn't a bit nice" says an angered but funny Marvin the Martian to that dumb vulcher turret that got ya.

oh_you_huh.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 31 KB
"Where when how who who what, who? Oh you, huh?!" Daffy Duck, completely surprised.
Use it on vulchers, turrets, spiders, or simply when getting a private message. Very funny.

oo_oo_oohoo.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 32 KB
"Oo oo oohoo, hoohoo hoohoo" says Daffy Duck, and he means it :)

planet_aint_big_enough.wav (6khz,8bit,mono) 29 KB
"As i was saying, buster: This planet ain't big enough for the two of us, so... off you go!"
This one goes out to all you negkillers. But it's a game, it's just a game... lucky you! lol

this_means_war.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 32 KB
"Of course you know: This means war!" Same comment as above.

u_have_made_me_very_angry.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 31 KB
"You have made me very angry." Marvin the Martian again, cute as he is.

watch_yer_language.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 24 KB
"Watch yer language bud, we're on the air!" Very useful indeed, with all the flames you get in that game.

wheres_the_kaboom.wav (6khz,8bit,mono) 32 KB
"Where's the Kaboom? There was supposed to be an earthshattering Kaboom!?!"
Ever wondered how that neg could possibly escape your ten man turret?

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