the Great Dictator
The Great Dictator is a film by Charlie Chaplin dating back to 1940, in my humble opinion his best one. You can either take my word on it, or see what the Internet Movie Database thinks about it. :) These are the first audio messages i used in SubSpace, and still my very favourites! The Internet Movie Database says "The German spoken by the dictator is complete nonsense." Suits me :) zip file 490 KB
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ah_de_delikatesse.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 32 KB
"Ah, de Delikatessen mit de shirt. De Flexen mit de stress."
Hynkel talking about girls. Or is it about the green you get after a victory? :)

banana.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 7 KB
"Banana!" This would mean something like "negkiller!" in the Tomanian language, hehe.

da_stinkt_einer.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 27 KB
"Hey da stinkt einer schtonken!" Somebody in here stinks! (is it Bobo the NegKiller? maybe it's Neg Violator ;)

democratie_schtonk.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 20 KB
"Democratie Schtonk!" Democracy is fragrant. (says Hynkel, dictator of Tomania)

der_heer_trust_einer_nach_europe.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 25 KB
"Der Heer trust einer. Nach Europe." Hynkel has nothing but peace in his heart for Europe.

eh_dafluegdnsaktagueldn.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 31 KB
"Eh daflügdnsaktagüldnsüldaweinahüttnhnm" Whatever it means, it sounds great!

eh_straff.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 25 KB
"Eh da straff mitz Hüldnsekt!" Everybody shall be punished!

eindastuetz.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 31 KB
"Eindastütz mitseine guldnsaktabläertn." The most common answer to this one is "huh?"

ey_daflugtnsaktaklaerten.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 30 KB
"Ey! Daflugtnsaktaklaerten!" ahem, my Tomanian is not that fluent...

frijspraken_schtonk.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 24 KB
"Frijspraken Schtonk!" Freedom of speech is objectionable. Right, a victim should never protest. Unless it's me :)

go_ahead_tomania.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 10 KB
A radio speaker saying "Go ahead Tomania." Right! We shall rule! hehe.

hey_soldiers_for_hynkel.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 29 KB
"Hey! Soldiers for Hynkel!" Everybody join Tomania squad now! (honorary members accepted)

hundestetz.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 26 KB
"Hesölt! Hundestetz." common answer: "Can you repeat that please?"

liberty_schtonk.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 21 KB
"Liberty Schtonk!" Liberty is odious. Right, a negkillers liberty at least ;)

straff.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 30 KB
"Straff! Straff da flutn Bremen da jise Kraken!" Beware of Hynkel, he punishes all negkillers, vulchers and attacking neg terriers (a.n.t.s :)

strotten_tighten_de_belten.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 31 KB
"Strotten Tighten de Belten. We must tighten our belts" and green up :)

tado.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 32 KB
Tomanian march melody, going down.

toda.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 32 KB
Tomanian march melody, going up.

tomania.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 31 KB
"Tomania! -applause-" Thank you, thank you, we know we're the best :)

tomania_de_groetze_navie_der_welt.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 30 KB
"Tomania de grötze Navie der Welt." Tomania is the greatest squad in SubSpace.

tomania_mit_de_groetze_armie_der_welt.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 32 KB
"Tomania mit de grötze Armie der Welt." Tomania is the funniest squad in SubSpace.

tomania_will_straff.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 19 KB
"Tomania will seinen Straff!" Are you a negkiller or an a.n.t.? Tomania squad will punish you!

unda_blitznsakta_elkn.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 31 KB
"Unda blitznsakta elkn!" I don't know what Hynkel says here, but he sure is right.

your_excellency_oh_are_you_hurt.wav (11khz,8bit,mono) 31 KB
"Your Excellency! Oh! Are you hurt?" A favourite as well. Oh? Did i kill ya? I sure didn't do it on purpose ;)

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